Child-friendly ambience

Child-friendly Ambience Located in peaceful, up-market locations, our Pre-Schools provide an environment wherein children are safe, nurtured, loved and encouraged to learn.

unique delivery method

Like our curriculum, our teaching methodology has also been devised to suit the age group. Over the years, we have perfected the art of first drawing the child’s attention and then keeping his/her mind engaged and making the learning process interesting and absorbing.

hygiene & safety

For us, hygiene and the safety of children matters a lot. It has resulted in us taking complete care in maintaining hygiene in our Pre-School and being pro safety. We’ve introduced and implemented safety and hygiene measures in all our Pre-Schools.

Qualified & Intensively

A lot of attention is paid to the quality of staff employed at EuroKids. Every teacher at EurokKids is qualified and trained to impart education in a friendly and innovative manner.

Engagement Based Learning

At EuroKids, we help your child begin their pre-schooling journey in a fun & engaging way with exclusive designed kits.


Encouraging Parents' Participation

We have a unique Family Partnership Program where a child’s family members partner him in the learning process. We send periodic feedback to keep the parents informed about the child’s performance at the Pre-School.

Constant Communication with Parents

In addition to sending periodic feedback about their ward’s progress, we constantly keep in touch with parents through Newsletters, Theme-end Letters, Weekend Letters and a bi-monthly Parent & Child Magazine. We’ve introduced the ‘Buddy unique parent app which gives daily updates of your child’s time spent at school. how important it is App’ Because, we know for you to know about your child’s day at the Pre-School. And this app helps you get involved in the journey of your child’s growth.